**** Please note that the tour includes a long walking path. Therefore, we strongly advise you to wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for a long walk in the summer heat***

We are  happy to announce that the Pompeii tour is confirmed.

The optional tour to Pompeii is schedule for the 26th of September, after the last day of the Conference in Gaeta, which will cost 70 euros per person.
The fee includes transport from Gaeta to Pompeii and from Pompeii to Rome, lunch, and guided tour of Pompeii and the villa of mysteries.
The departure is scheduled for 8:00 AM from Gaeta and the return in the evening in Rome 18:00-19:00 approximately.
For those who decide to leave the following morning the 27 th of September, the tour operator will suggest an affiliated hotel where to stay the night of the 26th



You can reserve your place for the tour and make the payment together with the registration and payment procedure for the conference (link).